Lou Bel Oeil

The art of wallpaper

Curiosity about art and the experience of restoring pictorial works is what started the project. The love of material and colour made it a reality…

Lou Bel Oeil wallpapers have a strong character. The material is brought to life. The colour is set free.

Each piece is a bridge between different worlds. The techniques of art restoration are mixed with the material. The painting techniques of the old masters are combined with contemporary patterns.

The Lou Bel Oeil wallcovering brand shares its sensitivity, creates emotions and frees the imagination. Surprising, theatrical and refined, the Lou Bel Oeil spirit plays with transparencies, blurs, depths and light to envelop the walls.

All creations are designed and manufactured in France with an eco-friendly approach. Founded by Magali CHAILLAN, Lou Bel Oeil partners with top-quality craftsmen who strive to offer the best to their customers.

Lou Bel Oeil

A word from the founder and artistic director

My name is Magali CHAILLAN and I founded Lou Bel Oeil.

The past can be either a ball and chain that we drag along, or an accumulation of experiences on which we climb to see a little further.

Grégoire Lacroix – Le penseur malgré lui (2012)

An art conservator for the Monuments Historiques for fifteen years, the idea of creating wallpapers came to me when I wanted to share, with as many people as possible, the emotion I had when my hand caressed the surface of the paintings I was restoring.

Thinking about the old masters who created them or the events they went through has always moved me. Handling these materials from the 17th or 18th century was a real privilege. All this aroused real emotions.

It didn’t take long for me to want to go beyond the frame and take over the whole wall. Today my dearest wish is to clothe your walls. Wallpaper has become the ideal medium. Beyond the trends, it is a real passion.

Freedom is the first source of inspiration for a creative person.

Nino Cerruti – Le Figaro (20/06/2015)

My sources of inspiration are multiple, nature, metal, stone, wood… I create material that I stage like a sculpture. I then work on the light that touches and reflects on the object. Finally I choose the colour that will dress it up to give birth to the patterns. Finding the right balance between colour, composition, light and transparency is my ambition.

I like to put together my knowledge of the techniques of old painters, of art restorations associated with current materials to elaborate contemporary designs.

My sensitivity and my eye like to get lost in the wall coverings to free the imagination.

Each collection brings different desires to transform the living room, the bedroom…
The colours splash the atmosphere, the transparencies invite you to escape.

The little that can be done, the very little that can be done, must be done.

Théodore Monod

The printing of the collections is done in the southwest of France, in Montauban. The paper has a slight satin finish, like a varnish on a painting, to give an elegant depth to the decorations. The substrate is pre-pasted to simplify the installation process. The printing inks are solvent-free and the paper is produced in France from sustainably managed forests.
The colours splash the atmosphere, the transparencies invite you to escape.

My professional vision is part of an eco-responsible approach, which is important to me.

Sake for the body. Haiku for the heart.

De Santoka – Zen, saké, haïku

These Japanese poems were an obvious choice! This poetic form is highly codified. I take a lot of liberties and break some rules, but for me they remain a link between art and decoration.

These are locks that link each wallpaper to a more poetic vision.